Graduiertenkolleg "Family Matters"

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Zum 1. April 2025 sind am Graduiertenkolleg „Family Matters“ erneut 5 Promotionsstellen (m/w/d, TV–L E13, Teilzeit 65 %, befristet auf drei Jahre) zu besetzen.

Die Bewerbung ist ab September 2024 ausschließlich online über das Bewerbungsportal der LMU möglich. Der Link dazu wird im September auf dieser Seite veröffentlicht.

Sie benötigen für Ihre Bewerbung folgende Unterlagen:

• kurzes Motivationsschreiben (max. 1 Seite)
• tabellarischer Lebenslauf mit detaillierter Darstellung des wissenschaftlichen Werdegangs
• Abschlusszeugnisse von Schulen und Hochschulen
• 2 Referenzen (Empfehlungsschreiben oder Gutachten zur Abschlussarbeit), vom Bewerber / der Bewerberin selbst hochzuladen
• Exposé des geplanten Dissertationsvorhabens (6 bis max. 10 Seiten)
• Arbeits- und Zeitplan (max. 1 Seite).



The Research Training Group „Family Matters” invites applications for 5 PhD Positions (TV-L E13, 65%, duration of 3 years) to commence April 1, 2025.

Applications are to be submitted exclusively online, via the application site of the LMU from September 2024. The link will be published on this page in September.

You need the following documents for you application:

• short letter of motivation (max. 1 page)
• CV with a detailed description of your academic career
• High School and University diplomas
• 2 references (letters of recommendation or assessments of Master thesis), to be uploaded by the applicant him/herself
• outline of the dissertation project (6 to max. 10 pages)
• Work plan and schedule (max. 1 page).


Q. The call for applications says that the languages of communication in the training group are German and English. Is English proficiency sufficient or is a certain level of German required?

A. Since some of the classes, readings, and discussions of the training group will be in German, you should at least have some listening and reading skills in German in order to be able to follow. So yes, a basic level of German is necessary.

Q. My Master's thesis (or comparable degree) will not be finished by November 15, 2023. Can I apply anyway?

A. Yes, you can apply. In order to get employed at the LMU, however, your master's degree must be completed before April 1, 2024. In addition to the outline of your dissertation, your application file should contain a brief description of your master's project, and if possible a recommendation by one of your academic teachers.

Q. Is physical presence in Munich rquired for attending the program?

A. Yes, it ist, at least during the semester. All classes and events of the training group will be in-person sessions. The joint research work of the group depends on face-to-face exchange and a certain level of social life.

Q. Do you also offer PostDoc positions?

A. Unfortunately not.

Q. Are you going to offer more PhD positions in the future?

A. Yes, we will. There will be 5 more PhD positions commencing April 1, 2025.